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Beglrade, Serbia

Galerija is located in a popular downtown residential neighborhood very near the largest restaurant/bar district and the main city square. Galerija is a 9 story, 200,000 SF residential building with ground floor retail, 2nd floor office and an underground parking garage. 

Dorcol is an old, popular residential neighborhood in the city center. The project is situated on a main arterial running into the Central Square of the city, approximately 8 blocks away from ground zero for Belgrade. A primary school is less than 50 meters from the location, and one of Belgrade’s most popular farmer’s markets is three blocks away. 150 m from the location tenants have access to trams and buses connecting to all parts of Belgrade. The longest side of the building fronts Francuska Street, which leads directly to the main city square.  

■ Residential 80% apartments of all structures 30m2 – 140m2

■ Business 20% - commercial space, office space – business apartments.

■ Parking – 147 underground parking spaces

Old Dorcol in a new suite

On Thursday, february 25th, in the heart of Old Dorcol, in 50 Francuska street, the residential – commercial building “Galerija Apartmani” had a official opening ceremony. The event has been organized as a pleasant and informal association of Ocean Atlantic International representatives, partners, colleagues and friends. Within the ceremony the exhibition of chosen photography’s has been organized, work of our famous photographer Nebojsa Babic, called “Old Dorcol”. All photography’s are going to be offered on a humanitarian auction, which the Company is organizing at the moment. The whole amount from the auction will be contributed to the project Children’s shelter „Svratiste za decu ulice“. 

The company has proudly presented the residential – commercial building “Galerija Apartmani”, and enabled to all interested persons to visit the building and to ensure them selves in the quality of the building, which has different structure apartments, from studio size apartments of 24m² up to five bedroom apartments and 150m² penthouse apartments on the top of the building, which are giving a unique view on the center of Belgrade from it’s grand terraces.

Mirjana Bozidarevic, the President of Stari Grad Municipality, addressed to the guests and emphasized that Stari grad is the „face of Belgrade“, because many landmarks of the city are located on its territory. She also expressed her satisfaction with such object as “Galerija Apartmani” being opened in this municipality and adding new scent to Stari Dorcol. „Tonight we are very happy because we have finished a great project. After 18 months of very devoted work already tomorrow the first residents will move in “Galerija apartmani“,  stated Aleksandar Zavisic, the general manager and Partner of Ocean Atlantic International in Serbia. Beside the representatives of the serbian and regional management board of Ocean Atlantic International, the ceremony attended the famous photographer Nebojsa Babic, dramaturge Biljana Srbljanovic, composer Leontina Pat (ex Vukomanovic) and many other famous persons from the business and public life. 

The guest on the ceremony were impressed with the building and the location since it took them only 5 minutes on foot to come to “Galerija” from Trg republike square. The ones who came to ceremony by car had an opportunity to park their cars in the garage which is 7 meters below the Danube level and which is constructed according to the highest construction and safety standards. 

The representatives of the company Ocean Atlantic International particularly highlight balance between price and quality, as the comparative advantage on the market which is overflow with luxurious and expensive apartments and on the other hand cheap and ruined, infunctional apartments on the outskirts of the city. “Galerija apartmani” offer a great quality of residence in the city center for reasonable prices.

„From the beginning of the project our goal was to offer a good residence solution to the people who belong to the middle class. We were aware of the lack of high quality and good located buildings and dilemmas that this group of buyers have – should they buy a bigger apartment but on the outskirts of the city or a smaller apartment in the city center. In “Galerija Apartmani” they can buy a new, high quality apartment in the city center from 2.200 EUR to 2.700 EUR per net square meter. That makes our offer unique on the market. “- added Zavisic. 

Aside from the special service that our company provides to its buyers, such as recording ownership in relevant institutions, helping with all kinds of administrative and legal issues, in this Company especially emphasis that the whole building as well as the parking levels will be under 24 hour video surveillance, and will have concierge desk which will be at service to tenants and their guests 24 hours a day. Also each apartment, office space or retail outlet will have internet connection to the concierge desk and its own parking space.


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